Hi!! My name is Rachel (and yes, my middle name is Marie), I am a mother to 4 beautiful kids and wife to my best friend of 14 years! 

I have always loved photography. I grew up watching my grandfather photograph just about anything and everything. I never truly knew my passion for it until I was able to photograph my children. To be able to document their childhood and all the fun that comes with it is amazing! And building my skill and talent beyond my kids is a dream come true! 

I have also always had a passion for the medical field. So much so, that I have about 8 years of experience as a nurse tech in NICU, Mother/Baby Care and Family Birthing Center. Putting the two passions of my life together just makes perfect sense. I get to utilize the skills I have gained from caring for newborns (and mommas) in the hospital, while I safely pose them and capture lasting memories!! What more could I possibly ask for?! I am the premiere newborn photographer for Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. Book your session today!


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