I gave older brother his first bath!

If you have read my "about me" page you know that I used to work as a nurse tech in mother baby care, NICU and Labor and delivery for the past 8 years. Part of my job (my favorite part!) was to bathe newborns at 6 hours old. The bath takes place in the patients bathroom and the parents get to see the whole thing!

We will rewind a couple years to when Noah was born, I was to do his bath and was informed that his momma, Danielle is the sister of a coworker in Labor and Delivery! And when I entered the room I learned dad is a friend from high school! Its always so fun getting to care for patients that you have a history with!

Noah was such a big baby and so long! When I met his baby brother Owen for the first time I assumed he would be the same size, but I was wrong. He was a little peanut! So sweet and sleepy!

The session we did included a mini birthday session for older brother Noah! He turned 2 just a couple days after our session! So after we did Noah's portion of the session we moved to sibling poses, parent and family and then finally to Mr Owen on his own. Noah was over the moon that he got to hold his baby brother by him self (while laying down, the image of him holding him sitting up dad is helping support owen). He was beaming with love and excitement!

I have no doubt Noah and Owen will be the best of friends! Enjoy some of my favorite images from Owen's session!

Happy 2nd birthday Noah!

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