So many questions and all the answers.

What does it take to be a newborn photographer?

-Blood (not really), sweat (definitely for real) and tears (mostly from the babies). Also lots of money, education (continous), hours and hours for session prep the actual session and editing!

Is it easy?

-HAHAHA! Ok really, no its not easy. But its so worth it! I get to snuggle babies (biggest bonus of the job), create lasting memories, and build new friendships! I have been a photographer for about 5 years and a newborn photographer for 4. From my very first session I was hooked and since then I eat, sleep and breathe newborn photography!

Why is it so expensive?

-This question is asked by some of my clients and I think its important to address this as a photographer in general. When you are a legitamate business that pays taxes, insurance, regular equipment services, purchase props, attend conferences/online continuing education, provide products for your studio and maintain a business license with your city/state it adds up (and I'm leaving out about 10 other things that are required for my business)! The biggest misinformation out there for any customer (I used to think this way too) is that when a business charges a fee that may be higher than others, is that they are just over charging. When in reality our business expenses vary and we also charge based on experience and A LOT of the time when you hire a "cheaper" photographer you are hiring one who is not insured, properly educated or a LEGAL legitimate business! And that is a huge deal when trusting someone with your newborn! While thier prices are easier for your wallet the quality, safety and overall experience usually equals "cheaper" too.

Do you only photograph newborns?

-No way! While its my absolute passion I still LOVE photographing families, babies and maternity! I also have a secret love for sports photography and while that is more of a hobby (I do not take clients on for this, just my kids) its still a love of mine!

Families are typically photographed in the fall which is such a busy time but I absolutely love it! Last year I met so many new families it was awesome!!

Do you have any questions about newborn photography? As a parent/potential client or photographer thinking of starting to specialize in newborns and have questions email me! I'd love to chat!

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