Teresa stole my heart...

There is somthing amazing about being able to follow along the end of the pregnancy to the first moments as a family of 3. Maria and Phillip chose me to capture their maternity, fresh 48 and newborn session. I always feel so honored when I am hired to capture any session for a family, but when I get to follow along it just really creates a bond with your clients like none other.

I am a mother of 4 and I remember when we had our first child. Before he was born we had no idea our world would be turned upside down (in the best way possible!). When I got to capture the maternity session for Phillip and Maria I remember sensing the excitement and fear, like they knew they were getting the best gift ever but not sure how it would all play out. And after Teresa was born I went to the hospital the next day and there was just a sense of calmness and love in the room. Teresa is so loved and her parents were just in awe (and a little sleep deprived lol). Everything so new and fresh. Every diaper change and feeding a task and lesson on how to be more efficient to make her happier quicker. Fast forward to a week later at my studio and these new parents were now pros! They knew what she wanted and needed and took such great care of her!! A true team!

I absolutely loved getting to follow along with this journey and cannot wait to see their family grow and watch Teresa grow up!

Man I love my job!!!

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